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A Step Towards Curing Restless Leg Syndrome

Let me ask you something…

Fruits flies curing rls

What do fruit flies, genetics, dopamine, and sex have in common?

Apparently they all hold the key to curing Restless Leg Syndrome!

Well according to recent findings, that is…

But before we get to that…

Are you losing sleep?

A good night’s sleep is a necessity for every human being but increasingly it is becoming a luxury for 10% of the US population that is suffering from RLS (Restless Leg Syndrome). Thanks to distractions like e-mail, instant and text messaging and online shopping, the average night’s sleep for non-RLS suffering adults in the US also has fallen to six and a half hours from more than eight.

Restless Leg Syndrome Medication Uncovered

Restless Leg Syndrome MedicationIf you suffer from restless leg syndrome, or the uncontrollable urge to move your body, you can now take comfort in knowing that there is various restless leg syndrome medication available. The truth is RLS is more than something that can be likened to nose-picking.

If you find yourself having restless leg syndrome, you’ll notice a few other symptoms that may come along with it. Aside from feeling uncomfortable to stay in one position, your sleep won’t be as long as it used to be as you will find yourself half-awake most of the time.

Effective Restless Leg Syndrome Cures

Restless leg syndrome cures will give you the relief from the disorder and allow you to live your life like a normal person once again. You might be surprised to know that a cure for restless leg syndrome can just be found around the house. One such cure is water. For good measure, you can use tonic water instead. Drink lots of it before you go to sleep at night and you can get some relief from restless leg syndrome.