Eliminate Restless Leg Syndrome – Reviewed

Can You Banish RLS?

Restless Leg Syndrome is no joke. As you lie down for a little rest, the first thing you may feel is an unpleasant crawling and creeping sensation in your calves. This causes sudden, jerky limb movements which makes it almost impossible to sleep. Most of the time you have to get up, massage your legs, and move around a bit to alleviate the discomfort. Sometimes this can go on all night long. Result? Restlessness, fatigue, stress, lack of concentration, inability to carry out basic tasks… the list is long!

Sound familiar? This is what I used to go through on a daily basis, until I discovered something that really helped cure my RLS.

NOTE: Having tried the methods outlined in “Eliminate Restless Leg Syndrome”, this is my review.

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But I thought it was already treatable…Right?

Well, doctors aren’t really sure what causes Restless Legs Syndrome, but that doesn’t stop them from prescribing potentially harmful drugs to us.  You are left at the mercy of drugs with some pretty scary side effects. These drugs can be so adverse to your health that you will need more drugs just to battle these effects, and thus a vicious cycle begins.

Another issue with these drugs is that they don’t seem to help the root cause of this condition. They just treat the symptoms while dispensing some mind numbing side effects. These include everything from mood swings and hallucinations to insomnia and severe weakness.

Now if you remember correctly, wasn’t it sleepless nights that you were trying to avoid?

And isn’t it scary that Insomnia (inability to sleep) is one of the possible side effects?

Is there another solution?

Eliminate Restless Leg SyndromeI really appreciate people who go beyond conventional solutions and cures, and try to find remedies that really work and are convenient. One such person is Jeremy Coughlin, an RLS survivor and author of “Eliminate Restless Leg Syndrome”. After suffering with restless legs for years, Jeremy eventually discovered a way to eliminate his RLS for good – without any drugs or visits to his doctor.

Having read and tried his methods myself, this is what I came to love about his book.

  • Completely natural cure!
    Jeremy outlines a simple yet effective RLS cure in his eBook. His approach is completely natural and holistic. Not only will his 2 step program help you get a restful sleep, but it also promises to fix long-ignored deficiencies and supercharge the new you.
  • He knows your pain!
    Despite all the claims that your doctors have made about drugs being able to give you rest, Jeremy knows the real truth. After suffering from a devastatingly embarrassing moment, Jeremy swore to get rid of his dilemma. And the results of his research have now been published.
  • Based on thorough research.
    Also known as “Banish RLS”, the eBook is based on a study of more than 5000 RLS sufferers. It was carried out by a major medical institute and outlines some gripping facts. Aside from other things, the outcome of the study suggested that many RLS sufferers have one thing in common: a deficiency!

Jeremy’s methods are unique to say the least. But they also seem to be effective as attested by some of its users. The 2 step approach promises to help you feel refreshed, rejuvenated and relaxed. That’s more than we can say about the drugs most doctors prescribe.

Why it may not work for you

Although the program has worked for thousands of other RLS sufferers, there is a chance it may not work for. And here’s why: Commitment, commitment, commitment!

In order to make the program successful you will need to give up alcohol, cigarettes, junk food and cut down on caffeine intake. You will need to decide between the advantages of leading a healthier lifestyle or junking your way through painful side effects. If all this is too much to ask, then this book may not be for you.

However, Jeremy’s 2 step program shows promise for those who have suffered long and hard from RLS. It has worked for a lot of people with good results and it may just work for you.

To find out more about Banish RLS – Click here to visit the official website >>

If you’re ready for a natural, lasting solution for your restless legs, then this book may be just for you.


  1. Richard HAynes

    I have suffered RSL since childhood and has now progressed to the point where I sometimes dread going to bed. I sometimes wake up in the morning to find my partner has slept on the sofa. My GP laughs off my comments when I ask for advise and has said the treatment is worse than the problem. If get one good nights sleep every couple of weeks I count myself lucky.

    1. Robert Post author

      Hi Richard,

      Sorry to hear about your RLS and how badly it has affected your life. Since your GP is being no help at all, have you tried seeing another doctor about your condition?

      In the mean time, it may be a good idea to try some of the natural treatments outlined on this site. Or if you want all the treatments in one, easy accessible place, why not have a look at this book?

      Best of luck, and I hope you start finding relief soon.


  2. Ed

    I do not have RLS more than about one night in five and then usually in just one leg, so my “cure” may not work for everyone. I have reasonable luck relieving the symptoms by simply pressing hard on the outside of the affected leg just below the knee and doing what might be a “deep massage” in that area. I can feel the tendons and muscles displace from their usual position when I do this. Usually, the symptoms abate enough after 10 – 30 seconds of this massage so that I can fall asleep.

  3. Jean Bogue

    My anme is Jean. My son and I were in a car accident when he was 17 days old. The accident left hi with a crushed skull. He has had many operations on the brain because he has had very bad seizures. He is paralized on his left side. He has had for many years rest less leg syndrome, He whas used biotine and B vitaman for a few years. It help for a while. He had restless legs alot when he sit to relax. It keeps him up amny nights as well as his seizures. Do you think this could help him. He does not have much money. I am hoping that some one can help.

  4. Sandra Schools

    Please enlighten me as to what 6X, 6C, 12X, 12C, 30X and 30C mean? I am currently taking Hylands over the counter remedy for RLS. I cannot see that it is doing anything to help, but it has Rhus Toxicdendron in the ingredients. 6X is posted beside that ingredient. How do I know if that is 6X in one tablet or more than one. the directios say take 3 or 4 tablets. I am also currently taking Mirapex which may be helping a little, but my problem is a 24 hour entire body agitation. I just do not sleep more than an hour or two a day unless I get to the point of feeling I would rather be dead than alive. I thne tak Hydrocdone alng with aother sleep type med and this will gerally give my 5 ro 6 hours of sleep. Even at the momen I am feeling so sleepy, but my body has that RLS sensation –

    1. Robert Drake Post author

      Hi Sandra.

      Good question. 6X, 6C, 12X, 12C, 30X and 30C are dilution ratios used in Homeopathic medicine. X is a factor of 10, where C is a factor of 100. In this case Rhus Toxicdendron 6X has been diluted by 1:(10x10x10x10x10x10). This would be equivalent to Rhus Toxicdendron 3C, which would have a dilution ratio of 1:(100x100x100). If this makes no sense to you, you can learn more about the ratios here.

      Since the strength of the tablet is measured as a ratio, whether you take 1, 2, 3 or more tablets at one time, it would still have the same percentage strength. If you’re unsure of how many to take, simply follow directions or speak to your knowledgeable homeopath, doctor or pharmacist.

      Although you are getting very little sleep, I would try steer clear of sleeping pills as much as possible. Without even realizing it, you could become addicted to them and heavily rely on them every time you need to sleep instead of using your body’s natural biological clock.

      Another concern is taking a number of different drugs at one time. How are you to know which is working and which isn’t? Furthermore, their effects could cancel each other out or worse, cause unwanted side-effects, not to mention put unnecessary strain on your liver.

      If you want to go the medication route, rather try one at a time, and observe the results. Then move onto a new one if your condition does not improve. Only mix medication if your doctor prescribes it.

      Sandra, have you tried anything aside from medication to help alleviate your RLS?

  5. Sandra Schools

    Thank you for your helpful reply. No I did not really understand the answer to my question, but have gone to the suggested source for futher iinfromation and will study that for help.

    Just a little background. I have had RLS since after my 2nd child was born. Which was 55 years ago. It, as usually happens, has worsened through the years. I have been on several different meds and nothing reallyi works. I am aware of the addictive problems with some of these meds and I try not to take them. Last night I was going out of my mind until about 3AM and I finally took the addictive med in order to sleep. Not sleeping is one thing, but when your whole body is crawling with the inability to stay still it is intoleraable. Yes, it is not just my legs, which leads me to say RLS is misnamed. I do not have the shooting pain or other sensations you describe. They are more like withdrawel sensations.

    What have I done. I have tried another persons supposedly “forever cured RLS” on the internet. That cure was supposed to come from eliminating salt from you diet and eating only grass fed, free from anatibiotic meats. I followed that regiment faiathfully for over a year. I saw no diffeernce at all. I stll do those things to some extent but agian no difference with the RLS. That regiment also called for certain vitamins in correct doses. I am still following all that with my intake of vitamins, which is high in magnesium and calcium. I never use drug store vitamins but get them from Pure Encapsulations and Jigsaw. I have tried others reccomended by a Chiropractic Neurologist but I saw no difference. I have taken Hylands Restful Legs off and on but cannot see any diffeence. Yesterday I went to the health food store and picked up the tea you reccommend and drank some of that around 10:00 last night I also picked up a tub of rhus tox and a tub of zinc metallicum which I took along with the restful leg formula. Now I also took a Mirapex along with that. Wether the Mirapex had a detrimental affect on the homeopathic formulas I do not know. All I know is that It was so bad last night that a hot shower, which usually calms things down did not work, and neither did playing the piano, which also usually calms things down.

  6. kathy Pfaff

    Im glad to see Im not alone but have empathy for all who suffer this disorder. Taking a bath in Epsom salt before bed is relief and alieve or naproxon helps the pain during the day, I was on Mirapex but got headaches and dizzy spells having to take antivert to walk a straight line.
    Magnesium helps somewhat as a vitamin and a rub down of aspercream on my legs helps calm them at times. A friend of mine recommended acupuncture for relief….im ready to try anything.

  7. Gail Knotts

    I am 71 years old and have had RLS since I was a teenager. Of course nobody knew then what it was and there was no name for this “curse.” Every year it gets worse and I am just about out of my mind. I was on permax (I think that is how you spell it) for years but it was taken off the market. Now I take Mirapex (have been for years) and I am maxed out on the mg per day. Have been to just about every doctor in town and out of town but no one can help me. Just last month another doctor put me on a patch (neupro) but it was like putting a bandaid on my back. I never have any peace, just walk the floor all day & kick all night. Only sleep 3-4 hours a night. Guess there is no help for me.

    1. Robert Drake Post author

      Hi Gail,

      Thanks for sharing your story with us. Sorry to hear about your lifelong experience with RLS.

      You mentioned a couple of medications you’ve taken over the years, but you never said anything about the natural treatments on offer. Have you given any a go yet?


  8. Gail Knotts

    I have tried different vitamins and extra calcium, putting the bar of soap under the sheets, giving up caffeine, soaking my legs in hot water, Oh! And I tried Requip which was also like taking candy pills. I also have lymphoma but if I could “get rid” of that or RLS, I would keep the lymphoma any day. I don’t just have this at night but 24/7. I pray that someone could help me.


  9. Tom

    I’ve been struggling with this RLS for just a little while compared to most of you. It started in April when my shrink gave me Wellbutrin. I stopped that after a month but the symptoms of RLS and panic never went away. I was on Norco so I detoxed from that 3 weeks ago but still no relief. They gave me a few meds for the Norco detox and they help me sleep but I’m afraid of becoming addicted to that. I’ve also read that in a small percentage of people they actually cause this condition! I feel like it came on so sudden that it could be a medication side effect but I don’t know. I do however feel for you guys!


  10. Sharon Sweet Seiler

    Finally people who “Get It”! I figured out that NyQuil, aspirin, Benadryl, Dramamine and pretty much any OTC meds asaserbate it. I am now cutting out caffeine and meds, eating healthier and taking Epsom salt baths. I have started working out and drinking tons of water and tea. I sleep with a back massager or heating pad under my butt which helps a little. I have done the bar of soap, tennis ball and elevation methods. I had a glass ball the size of a grapefruit that I used for pressure points on my back and buttocks. That gave temp relief. Nothing is a cure all. It’s taken a toll on my entire life.

  11. Doug Lien

    The only thing that works for me is Ropinirole which was prescribed by my doctor. It is a drug for parkinsons.
    IT WORKS. I also take over the counter Melatonin as additional help to sleep.

  12. Patricia MacGregor

    I am looking for a remedy for my husbands RLS. I am in this instance the patient ,since it effects my sleep, not much my husbands, apart from waking constantly though the night, with quite energetic movement , I too need to find another place to sleep. It is not confined to bed rest, but just sitting having a nap causes constant leg jerking. I assumed was caused by signals to the nervous system. Reading all the other victims stories, I would assume that medication would not be advised, and I am sure he would not use any. Would a simple remedy, such as a magnetic belt be effective?


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