Effective Restless Leg Syndrome Cures

Restless leg syndrome cures will give you the relief from the disorder and allow you to live your life like a normal person once again. You might be surprised to know that a cure for restless leg syndrome can just be found around the house. One such cure is water. For good measure, you can use tonic water instead. Drink lots of it before you go to sleep at night and you can get some relief from restless leg syndrome.

Alternatively, you may also do some jumping jack exercises before going to sleep or pace around a bit before you dive into your bed. These activities have been proven to help many RLS sufferers and perhaps it might help you, too. The reason for this is that exercise aids in the circulation. Jumping and pacing around also wears your legs out.

Some people found that using warm bottles or heating pads are some of the effective restless leg syndrome cures. Just like with exercise, it helps your circulation and relaxes the muscles in your legs long enough for you to go to sleep without feeling any discomfort. It also allows you to relax better.

There are various restless leg syndrome cure preparations that you can get from drugstores which include supplements, vitamins and drinks. They either come prepared or you have to prepare them yourself. However, their efficacy is case to case. There are also ointments and creams that do not work as well as they are advertised.

To ease your sufferings, it might be good if you could avoid things that make restless leg syndrome worse. Some of these things are tobacco, alcohol and caffeine that are found in some sodas, chocolate, tea, and coffee. If you are taking medications, you should avoid anti-nausea medicines, anti-psychotic drugs, antihistamines, and anti-depressants.

It is believed that there is no single cure for restless legs and doctors will treat your condition on an individual basis. The RLS treatment may also depend on what your doctor thinks is causing it. If it is thought to be caused by anemia, for example, your doctor might give you iron supplements as a restless legs cure.

Other minerals such as magnesium and calcium are also thought to be effective against the disorder, and they should be taken together to allow the body to absorb them fast. But no matter what restless leg syndrome cures you resort to, always consult with a medical practitioner first.

The closest thing I found to a cure for my restless legs was to follow the advice outlined in the Eliminate Restless Leg Syndrome guide.

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  1. Traci

    I have suffered from a very severe case RLS for over 35 years. RLS is hereditary usually through the mother’s side. I have been to 4 neurologists over the years and devoted hours of study to RLS seeking a cure. First thing anyone who suffers from this needs to do is first understand do they really have RLS. There are other conditions that are often misdiagnosed as RLS when they are not. The key is that feeling you get of absolutely HAVING to move and stretch. I can exist in your legs, back and even shoulders and can cause severe aches/pain.

    Second, make sure you get other contributing causes ruled out by (1) getting a blood test done to determine if you have an iron deficiency or other mineral deficiency that might be contributing to the problem, (2) get an MRI of your entire spine to make sure you don’t have a pinched nerve or miss aligned spine causing the problem, (3) test for fibromyalgia since people with this often end up with RLS.

    From a natural approach the best methods I found were in this report. All of the natural approaches will really help but if you still have symptoms (which may be likely if you have a severe case of RLS) the RXs that work best are Mirapex and Parcopa.

    Parcopa (in a chewable tablet form) should only be taken after symptoms have onset and you are in pain/discomfort – I use it only when I’m on a airplane, long road trip, etc. and the symptoms have kicked in and I’m in a lot of pain. One of the main reasons you don’t want to use it on a regular basis is that it has a rebound effect like many of the RLS drugs.

    Mirapex should be taken only in the lowest dosages possible. I have a severe case of RLS but find that many docs prescribe a dosage far in excess of what is needed to manage the symptoms. The best approach with Mirapex is to take one 0.125mg tablet one hour before bedtime and then either two 0.125mg tablets or one 0.5mg tablet at bedtime. Taking the smaller dosage 1 hour before bedtime allows some of the medication to get into your system so you don’t need as high of a dosage to get to sleep and stay asleep.

    So far, Mirapex is the only RX I’ve found that works and doesn’t have a rebound affect. Percoset and other narcotics and muscle relaxers will work but you will find you need higher dosages, you may wake up still groggy/sleepy, and you run a very high risk of becoming addicted.

    I hope this is of help to others. Please keep posting and let everyone know if you have found any other natural remedies as I’m sure everyone would like to eliminate the RX approach.

  2. Géza Tamási

    I had suffered from RLS for many decades. It failed to do anything. At last I found the “treatment”. I do my duty before going to the bed EACH evening, so my large intestine is empty for night. I have been totally symptome-free for more than a year: there are no seizures at night.

  3. Randy

    I have had RLS for as long as I can remember. I am 23 years old and haven’t had a good night’s sleep in ages. My mother has RLS as well and has told me a multitude of “relief” tips and so far, very few have worked. I have found however, that personally, I sleep much better in a cold room. Heat agitates my symptoms much more and makes the pain/discomfort almost unbearable. I am going to try all of the above mentioned tips and hopefully, finally get some relief. Thank you for the suggestions and the help.

    Randy Wayne Smith

    1. Robert Post author

      My pleasure Randy. And Thanks for your tip. I’ve never really tried sleeping in a cooler room myself, but hey, if it works for you, then by all means do it. And I’m sure someone else will benefit from it too. I hope you find the relief you need.



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