Restless Leg Syndrome Remedies: 4 Helpful Steps

Restless Leg Syndrome RemediesIf you are seeking restless leg syndrome remedies, it could be because you are suffering from insomnia – a common symptom of the disorder. Because of the twitching and uncomfortable sensations in your legs at night, you may even have thought of seeking medical help.

However, unless we have trouble sleeping, many of us often dismiss it and think about it as only a result of our exhaustion from work or school. If you are tired of suffering, here are the common restless leg syndrome home remedies you can employ.

Treat the Underlying Cause

Restless leg syndrome or RLS is due to a variety of medical conditions. It can be a result of iron deficiency, obesity, diabetes mellitus, kidney failure, nerve disease, vitamin deficiency, or a side effect of some medications. By knowing the root cause of your problem, you can find the remedies for restless leg syndrome. In most cases, you would need a professional medical practitioner to make a correct diagnosis. Only after a right assessment is done can you free yourself from your jumpy legs.

Adopt a Healthy Lifestyle

A common restless leg remedy is to adopt a healthy lifestyle. This way of life includes daily exercise, even just for 15 to 30 minutes a day. The exercise enhances the circulation in your body to free you from the problem at night. Stretch your legs, bend your knees and do ankle rotation. Avoid taking alcoholic drinks and coffee, especially at night, since they increase the irritating symptoms. Since smoking can also worsen the condition, try to avoid it, too.

Regimen before Going to Sleep

Before you go to sleep, a warm bath can be a part of your remedies for restless leg syndrome . You can soak your legs in lukewarm water to relieve the tension and relax the muscles. You can also use hot compress instead of soaking them. The hot temperature causes the blood vessels to dilate, thus increasing the flow of blood in your lower extremities. Consider giving your muscles a good massage. Lather oil in your skin and gently work on the affected parts.

Get Up

Fighting the symptom by keeping still can only worsen the condition. One suggested restless leg syndrome home remedy is to get up and take a few minutes to do a midnight stroll. Walk around your room or around your house. This simple exercise can give you restless legs relief and help you go back to sleep.

These home remedies for restless leg syndrome can only be more effective if you get support from people around you. Involve them in your treatment and you will feel better in your quest for a better sleep. The restless leg syndrome remedies that really helped me were the ones outlined in the “Eliminate Restless Leg Syndrome” program. They were simple, natural and effective in getting rid of my RLS. And they may just work for you too.

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