Restless Leg Syndrome Symptoms

Restless Leg Syndrome SymptomsRestless leg syndrome symptoms are characterized by the throbbing of the legs. Sometimes, it also includes unpleasant creeping and pulling sensations or even the uncontrollable urge that pushes a person to move his legs involuntarily. This absence of control for ones legs are the main characteristic of the neurological disorder known as restless leg syndrome (RLS).

The most severe manifestations of the disorder appear when you are at rest. This is usually the reason why it happens most during the night, just when you are about to fall asleep. As the muscles relax, your leg begins to twitch and the only way of relieving it is to move ones leg in order to ease discomfort. Though the condition in itself is not life threatening, RLS provides sensations that range from simple irritation to a point of unbearable pain.

What is most notable about this disorder is the fact that relaxation is actually what triggers restless leg symptoms to manifest. Because of this, you will naturally have a very difficult time getting quality amounts of rest at night. As an effect, the sickness balloons into a variety of other problems which includes exhaustion and fatigue.

This is the primary trouble with the disorder since you can no longer sleep properly because of the continuous need of having to move your leg. If it remains untreated, RLS will continue to disrupt your life which is why it is very important that you seek medical help in order to cure it. You may even end up having to turn to restless leg syndrome medication.

RLS symptoms may lead you to be completely unable to focus on things at work or at school. Memory will also suffer given the continuous strain you have to go through every single night. Even the simple act of completing everyday tasks will turn into a very difficult chore. For some of the more serious cases, this neurological disease will lead to the dark grueling road to depression.

This disorder can be experienced by both males and females. Though there are more reported cases of females that suffer from it. It usually manifests as a person enters mid-life. Although it is believed that RLS is a sickness that one is born into. This congenital disease is believed to be brought about by a disruption in ones basal ganglia circuits which are components in the brain that are used in order to facilitate for smooth movement. This disruption is what brings about restless leg syndrome symptoms.

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