Understanding RLS, Its Causes and Relief

Restless Leg SyndromeWhat is Restless Leg Syndrome or RLS?

If you happen to suffer from restless leg syndrome, I’m sure that you are familiar with having the urge to move around just to relieve the odd and uncomfortable sensations felt in your legs. Although no one knows exactly what the cause of RLS is, the condition is often associated with obesity, pregnancy, diabetes, smoking or an iron deficiency.

What’s more is that there are diseases that can imitate restless legs, such as:

  • joint conditions,
  • muscle diseases,
  • problems along the nerves, and even
  • difficulties with the circulation of blood in your body.

The cause

Some studies show that your leg syndrome could be hereditary and that people can suffer from it when they reach a certain age.

With the constant uncomfortable feelings in your legs, you are more prone to insomnia as well. That’s because the symptoms often become aggravated while your body is at rest.

Finding relief

To remedy your suffering, there are a range of treatments available to relieve restless legs syndrome, most of which are based on addressing the root cause. For example:

If you have iron deficiency, the treatment for this is to eat foods or herbal supplements that can help increase iron levels in your body. This should help lower your chances of having restless legs at night.

Removing bad habits, such as smoking and drinking alcohol and caffeine can help a lot in reducing the symptoms too.

Aside from these, it would also help to have a great exercise routine and avoid having a sedentary lifestyle.

There are medications available as well for those who are suffering from this problem. Opioids, carbidopa-levodopa, diazepam, clonazepam, temazepam and triazolam are just some examples of the restless leg drugs that can be taken to alleviate the symptoms.

Getting a diagnosis will certainly help a lot in determining which of these medications will work well for you since, as mentioned above, there are different underlying causes.

Getting rid of the burning sensation caused by this syndrome is easy especially when you are already familiar with the treatment normally used. The best thing about using these methods is that they do not cost a lot. No surgeries are required. You only have to get rid of those bad habits that most people are prone to having such as drinking and smoking.

To see what other treatments can be done to prevent this from happening, I recommend having a look at this book on RLS. There is no point of worrying too much when experiencing restless leg syndrome especially when there are various treatments available to be used.

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