Restless Legs Relief – Quick RLS Relief

Restless Legs ReliefRestless legs relief is your goal if you experience burning, creeping or tugging sensations in your lower extremities. Restless leg syndrome or RLS is neurological in origin and is characterized by the uncontrollable urge to move your legs when at rest. This condition affects approximately 15% of the population, involving mostly pregnant women and obese individuals. The symptoms range from uncomfortable to irritating and, sometimes, even painful experiences. If you suffer from the problem, here is how to get RLS relief even while at home.

Get Moving

Your body needs to release the energy inside. During the day, try to move around and exercise your legs. A short walk to the cafeteria during lunchtime can do well in giving you a restless leg treatment. Stretch your muscles, stand up occasionally from your desk and massage your legs. Bend your knees and move your ankles. Raise your feet using a footstool during prolonged sitting.

Take Iron Supplements

Women suffer from the RLS syndrome due to iron deficiency. If you are anemic, ask your health provider about the correlation of your iron deficiency with the night twitches and cramps in your legs. Your physician might recommend iron supplements to relieve you of the problem.

Maintain a Regular Sleep Schedule

One of the reasons why people suffering from disorder seek restless leg treatment is the insomnia associated with it. With lack of sleep, this condition can lead to severe fatigue and affect one’s daily activities. Part of your restless legs relief must include a regular sleeping routine. By setting your schedule, you will be able to sleep better as well as feel better the following day.


At nighttime, try to relax as much as possible. Do breathing exercises or yoga. Take a warm bath, massage your extremities with lotion and allow the flow of blood to them. You can read a good book to divert your attention to the nice thoughts of the book and not to your symptoms.


If these restless leg syndrome remedies still do not work, your physician can prescribe opioids, anticonvulsants, benzodiazepines, and dopamine agonists. Because these are part of the list of regulated drugs, you need a professional prescription before you can get them from the drugstore.

The odd sensations can stay longer without specific cure. However, as long as you know how to get quick restless legs relief, you can still live a normal life and have everything in control.

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  1. shirley williams

    I have had restless legs for many years. I often get them in the evenings when i try to watch tv. I haven’t had them in bed until recently. My problem is flying. After i’ve been on the plane for a short time my legs jump and i need to stand up,this is not always possible .Going on a long haul holiday is impossible. HELP!!!


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